Les Classiques

Objet en mini-série


Vendus a plus 750 exemplaires dans 51 différents pays; les guidons de vélo Les Classiques ont notamment été vus dans la revue Elle QC de Juin 2013, Le livre VELO 2nd GEAR de Gestalten, et sur le blog spécialisé


Inspired by legendary cycling races and their heros, “Les Classiques” revive the elegance and panache that once reigned our roads.  We have paired various hardwood species to these famous one-day circuits to create an authentic line.  Developed with passion, “Les Classiques” give your ride a timeless look.

The Workshop

The choice of species, steaming, bending, drying, and the patience… The meticulous work behind the shapes hands will grasp.  The utmost simplicity of wood, aluminum, and brass give “Les Classiques” their strength and signature.  Individually handcrafted, each handlebar embodies a traditional skill-set.

The Line

The result of a passion for woodwork and bike rides, each object holds its own singular traits fabricated locally and of a limited edition.  The attention to detail in the confection of theses handlebars is a small gift to those who love and appreciate cycling.  “Les Classiques” are uniquely designed and handcrafted in Montreal.